Asheville door - 2'x3'

Glass Entryway Asheville - 16'x10'

Lake Window (Lake James, NC) - 36"x36"

Fort Lauderdale Window - 6'x4'

Performing Arts Center - 24x10

Optical Glass Piece

University of Florida Installation

Optic Twister - 32"x24"

Love Syntax - 27"x35"

Community Center Doors, Oakland, CA - 14'x7'

Jewish Temple Window, 6'x4'

Denver Window - 3'x8.5'

Coffee Table

Mexico City Window 2'x17'

Atlanta Hebrew Academy - 5'x36'

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111 Grovewood Road
Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 255-8003

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Home for Jewish Parents, Danville CA - 7'x7'

Carl Powell's glass on book cover

Carl Powell's glass at botttom of book cover

Window in Door, Tokyo, Japan - 32"x24"

Premonition - 30"x24"

Exercise 19 - 25"x21"

Syzygy, Commissioned by the City of Atlanta, GA - 10'x8'x5'

Glass Door - 2.5'x6'

Navigator - 5'x7'

Detail of Navigator

University of Florida window, 5' x 17', Public Art Commission

Carnival - 3.5'x6'

Untitled - 1'x8'