Carl Powell

111 Grovewood Rd.
Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 255-8003

Georgia Southwestern College 1967-71
Georgia State University 1971-73

The Glassworks, Atlanta, GA 1973-75
Renaissance Glass, Austin ,TX 1975-80
Faculty, Colorado Mt. College, 1982-84
Faculty, The Pilchuck School, 1982-84

Americans in Glass, a three year exhibition traveling to Major Museums, 1978-1981
National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, 1981
Corning Museum of Glass, New Glass Review, 1984
The Pilchuck Glass Collection, The Pilchuck School
Four Large Scale Public Art Commissions

Grovewood Gallery, Asheville, NC 2002-11
Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, NC 2004-06
Upstairs Gallery, Tryon, NC 2004
Gallery One, Naples, FL 2003
Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA 2001
North Carolina Glass, Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, NC 2000
Vitrum Gallerie, Asheville, NC 1999-04
Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1994-99
John Natsulas Gallery, Davis, CA 1996
Lyons Matrix Gallery, Austin, TX 1998
Dorothy McRae Gallery, Atlanta, GA 1988
Nexus Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta, GA 1984-89
Macon Museum of Art, Macon, GA 1986
North Arts Center, Atlanta, GA 1986
Habitat Gallery, Lathrop Village, MI 1984
Traver Sutton Gallery, Seattle, WA 1984
Arvada Arts Center, Arvada, CO, 1983
Show of Hands Gallery, Denver, CO 1983
New Glass, Matrix Gallery, Austin, TX 1982
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 1982
Paul Marioni and Carl Powell - New Glass, Matrix Gallery, Austin, TX 1982
National NEA Crafts Fellows, Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC 1981
The Pilchuck Glass Show, Traver Sutton Gallery, Seattle, WA 1981
The Visual Arts Center, Anchorage, AK 1981
Roanoke Arts Center, Roanoke, VA 1981
Philbrook Art Institute, Tulsa, OK 1981
University of Minnesota Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 1981
John Mariani Gallery, University of North Colorado, Greely, CO 1981
Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA 1981
Center for Visual Arts, Illinois State University, Normal, Il. 1981
Museum of Fine Arts, WA State University 1981
Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN 1980
Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH 1980
Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, TX 1980
Cleveland Art Institute, Cleveland, OH 1980
Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI 1978
Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland , CA 1978
Trinity Gallery, Austin , TX 1977

Van Dyke Performance Space, Greenville, NC
Performing Arts Theater, Anchorage, AK 2006
Mission Children’s Hospital, Asheville, NC 2006
Univ. of FL Sports Complex, Gainesville, FL 2003
Home for Jewish Parents, Danville, CA 1999
Community Center, Oakland, CA 1997
The Clock Tower, San Francisco, CA 1995
International Olympic Committee, 1989
City of Atlanta, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, 1988

DESIGNS for MAJOR PUBLIC ART PROJECTS commissioned by the following cities:
Winston Salem, NC Downtown Arts Center ‘09
Oakland, CA 911 Emergency Center 1996
Oakland, CA Hospital Expansion 1995
Madison WI, New Exposition Center 1995
San Francisco, CA 911 Emergency Center 1994
Scottsdale, AZ New Public Library 1994
Chapel Hill, NC New Business Building 1994